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ezone server

If you are the domain owner, your account has been suspended. Kindly contact support to re-activate your account.

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  • Servers are built across a high end hardware pool offering clients a reliable, secure and stable platform.
  • Servers are raided accross our hardware pool so hardware failures will not effect your business or your uptime.
  • Servers up and running as soon as you need them.
  • Scalability, pay for what you need today, not what you "might" need tomorrow.
  • Efficiency, multiple servers available should you need them.
  • Firewalls and load balancing services, no need for additional hardware.

Other Services

We have extensive experience with all aspects of establishing a gambling or corporate presence in the Curacao E-zones, and can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Establishing a local company or Permanent Establishment (PE).
  • Applying for E-zone status to qualify for tax benefits.
  • Applying for gambling licenses, sub-licenses or shadow licenses.
  • Outsourcing the money transactions in a gambling operation.
  • Advice on gambling legalities and regulations on the island.
  • Demonstrations on leading gambling application software.
  • Service accreditations and software certificationse.